Wilson School District
Emergency & Inclement Weather Notification
for School Closing, Delay and Early Dismissal
Updated November 1, 2013

As weather or other emergency situations arise that may affect the school day, Superintendent Dr. Rudy Ruth will be in touch with our Transportation and Operations Directors, as well as surrounding district Superintendents.  He will make a decision based on the information presented to him at the time that the call must be made for the purposes of maintaining student and employee safety. 


The Wilson School District has a comprehensive and time-efficient notification plan in place for updating our staff, parents and students.  Please take note of the following ways in which we will post any information related to a Wilson school closing, delay or early dismissal for inclement weather or other emergency situations:


In the event that a power failure prohibits us from accessing our Alert Now, website, or email systems, please be aware of additional notification options listed below.


Phone (outgoing call)

Alert Now messages will go out to all families & staff members from Superintendent Dr. Rudy Ruth.

**Please Note**Morning closing/delay calls only go to home phone numbers.  Early dismissal calls will go to cell and work numbers as well.


Phone (incoming calls)

Call the main district number 610-670-0180 - we will have a greeting with the district status



www.wilsonsd.org: Status message will appear right on the main district homepage



An email will be sent out to all staff and parents who are signed up to receive the Bulldog Blitz on a weekly basis.



WEEU 830am



WFMZ Channel 69

WGAL Channel 8 (for staff in Lancaster Co.)

Wilson Child Care (WCC) Hotline
Dial 610-670-0180 x4900 to hear an update on how any school day changes will affect Wilson Child Care participants.  Also, please click HERE for the WCC policy for providing care in the event of inclement weather.
Please Note 
In Easton, PA (Northampton County), there is a Wilson AREA School District.  We are Wilson School District, and will also be listed at Wilson-West Lawn.  Please pay close attention to the name that you are seeing on the screen if you choose to watch the TV station for notification.
A Notice about Alert Now phone notification system:  Wilson School District’s AlertNow calling system uses a technology called Advanced Answering Machine Detection (AAMD).  AAMD is a feature that allows AlertNow to leave voicemails more successfully.  This technology detects when you say “hello”, or when your answering machine picks up, and then begins to play the recorded message. 


If you answer your phone and do not say “hello”, but the recorded message starts to play anyway, this could be because AAMD picked up background noise from your end.  If continued noise keeps occurring in the background on your end, AAMD treats you as if you were an answering machine and waits for silence to being playing the message all the way through.  This could explain why you may not hear the recorded message after answering your phone for an AlertNow call, or why the recorded message may start over or cut out completely while you’re listening.


To disable AAMD when you receive an AlertNow call, press the “1” key on your telephone after answering the AlertNow call.  This will force the recorded message to replay in its entirety, without being interrupted.  All messages can also be played from the Wilson district homepage.  Just click on the Alert Now icon on the right side under the Headlines section.

For students, non-emergency phone calls will go to home phone numbers only.  If no home phone number is found for a particular contact, the mobile number will be dialed instead. Snow delay/cancellation messages are sent as NON-emergency calls.  Early dismissal messages are sent as emergency calls. 
Emergency phone calls will go to all phone numbers (home, mobile, and work). 
Phone number data is maintained by each school's main office - please contact the office if you need to make any changes to your phone number(s) listed in the system.
AlertNow Emergency Call - caller ID:  AlertNow early dismissal calls are sent as an Emergency Call.  When an Emergency Call is sent, people who have caller ID will see our number come up as "4110000000".  When the call is a non-emergency, you will see a 610 area code, likely with our main district number of 610-670-0180. 
Early morning school closings are sent as Non-Emergency Calls and will only go out to numbers listed as home numbers.
Early dismissal calls are sent as Emergency Calls so that they reach cell and work numbers.
AlertNow FAQ’s can be found at www.wilsonsd.org under the NEWS section at the bottom.  You can also replay missed messages by visiting this area of the webpage.