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    Past Seasons
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    The Cloak

    In the year 2000, Wilson Theater Company began a special tradition; it takes elements from the Actor's Equity GYPSY ROBE and also from the Mountain Pointe High School COAT.  Each show The Theater Company passes THE CLOAK to one cast or crew member who embodies the ensemble spirit of the theater.  The person who receives it adds a unique memento from the production and is given the honor of selecting THE CLOAK recipient for the next show. 


    THE CLOAK has become a living, growing, and evolving symbol of The Wilson Theater Company:  a company that honors the efforts of all of our students, a  company that shares fond memories of past productions with hundreds of students, a company that celebrates and values that  art can enrich our lives, and a company that strives to bring meaningful, collaborative projects to the community.


    Past Awards
    • End-of-the-Year Awards
    • Shakespeare Festivals
    • Bucks County Playhouse Awards
Last Modified on September 19, 2014