Tuition Reimbursement / Salary Increase

    Tuition is reimbursed for pre-approved courses per collective bargaining agreement.

    NOTE: Administrators and Department Supervisors receive 100% reimbursement for all credits completed in a school year.  



    1.               Professional staff must complete an Application for Salary Increase/ Tuition Reimbursement for each course they plan to take (forms located on Intranet).  ALL COURSES MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY SUPERINTENDENT!!

    2.        Upon completion of course, a grade report and a receipt showing payment in full must be submitted to the HR Office to receive reimbursement.  If the staff member is moving to a Master’s or Doctorate Degree, the official university transcript noting the date the degree was conferred is required.

    Miscellaneous Notes

    1.          Tuition is reimbursed up to two times per year for employees who have not yet attained B+24 status; staff members above the B+24 will be reimbursed one time per year.

    2.           Salary increases occur at the beginning of the first semester and the beginning of the second semester.

    3.           Grade received must be a “B” or better.  Passing and satisfactory grades are acceptable.

    4.           To be eligible for the tuition reimbursement, staff members must be contracted (TPE or PE). 

    5.           Half-time teachers are reimbursed at the same percentage as full-time staff.