Textbook Website This site has lots of extras to help you learn more about the units you will be studying. This includes interactive maps, quizzes, games, and puzzles.
    National Geographic
    Information from the magazine and the cable channel
    CIA World Fact Book
     Useful information on every country of the world.
    United Nations The home of the UN
    World Almanac
    An online version of the world almanac
    Mesopotamia The British Museum presents this visually stunning site about the "cradle of civilization," Mesopotamia. Approach your study from one of several perspectives: geography, time, gods and goddesses, or writing. Each module has information, some extension narrative, and a challenge game (with requires Shockwave).
    My abodo Use this free tool to create a simulated house, change what you own, and find out how it affects climate change. Click on items on the house and view options that can be made. See the water and energy used as well as the waste created for your choices. A "did you know..." box displays relevant information. This site requires Flash.
    Map Games Practice locating countries and states with these basic practice games and puzzles. Choose from 16 activities including all continents, US states, and US capitals. After the interactive loads, follow the prompt to click on the appropriate place on the map. If correct, you move on to the next question, if incorrect there is an option to skip that question or try again. Other activities include a USA jigsaw puzzle and crossword map game.
    The New 7 Wonders The New 7 Wonders site has a full screen, 360-degree panoramic view of the officially proclaimed "New 7 Wonders of the World." These were voted on back in July 2007. The Coliseum in Rome, the Great Wall, Petra, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Rio De Janeiro, and Chichen Itza won the vote. Each site is interactive in that you can view the area as fast or as slow as you’d like. Some of the 7 Wonders have information or links to information about them.
    Flags of the World

    This excellent site contains a link to the flag of every country in the world. Each site contains a picture of the flag and helpful supplemental information! Check out this site for easy research on the flags of the world!

    World Info Zone

    Detailed, comprehensive information on countries and people all over the world. Great tool for discovering facts on world issues, seeing photos, and just exploring the world in general.

    Country Reports

    Want to know about the economy of American Samoa? The geography of Lithuania? All that information and more is on this site.

    Culture Crossing This site offers a wealth of information about hundreds of countries. The general categories include basic information, business information, and student information. Each country also has specifics: Greetings, Dress, Taboos, Law & Order, Videos, Gender Issues, Government, Major Religions, and many more.
    Nation Master

    What a great find! Nationmaster delves into all kinds of interesting statistics about countries: from number of soldiers, Olympic medals, ways to die, to wall plug voltages! Top graphs include richest, poorest, most educated, etc. Students can create graphs comparing one country to another in various categories such as lifestyle, immigration, and economy.

    Reach the World This site offers two interactive geography challenges. Choose either Build Planet Earth or Map Countries and Cities . Both activities require students to drag and drop various geographical locations onto a blank globe. Some of the “places” that students drag and drop onto the globe include the North Pole, South Pole, continents, bodies of water, countries, and cities. Although the placement is a bit tricky, the globe grabs the item when it is close to being in the correct position.
    mapdango This online mapping tool is really a “mash-up” (online technology combo) of many tools that allows you to see various cities and countries throughout the world. The site is powered by GoogleMaps, but clicking on Map opens up other content. There is a "place of the day" offered daily. In addition to showing the location on the map, there are photos, news stories, current weather conditions, articles about the location, events happening in the area, videos (powered by YouTube), and demographic information about the area. There is a link on the top of the page, Countries , as well as a search box to search by location name.
    When Weather Changed History Weather's impact on the course of history sometimes goes unnoticed. A heat wave brings about public policy change; a hurricane alerts the public to the need for better planning and an improved safety net; a father of our country dies due to extreme weather. The collection includes events such as Hurricane Katrina as well as numerous others: heat waves, George Washington, the Hindenburg, American colonial times, Nagasaki, D-Day, the Dust Bowl, smog, the Titanic, the Nome Serum Run and the green movement in the wake of tornado devastation.
Last Modified on September 7, 2011