The Wilson School District Child Care Centers serve as a home away from home where children can play and learn. The centers are a safe place for parents to leave children, knowing they will be well cared for and happy. The Child Care Centers are an extension of the home, not a substitute for the home. The Child Care staff view both parents and children as integral parts of the child care family.
    Each Center is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Department of Human Services. The license confirms compliance with health and safety regulations among which include: staff/child ratio; size of age-appropriate groups; continuous supervision by qualified staff; size of indoor/outdoor space; individual center capacity; current medical information for children and staff, etc.
    The School District's Child Care Program is not a baby-sitting service, but is a planned program by staff who know how children grow and develop. The staff are people who are interested in, and feel responsible for, seeing that the day-to-day experiences of the children take place in an environment which promotes growth and learning. All staff is required to have a criminal history check, child abuse clearance prior to employment, and participate in on-going educational training. 
    Our talented teachers ensure that the children have fun while learning the skills needed for a long term success in school and in life.