• The Homestead/Farmstead application is a requirement of the Taxpayer Relief Act (Act 1) of 2006. This Act allows residents to decide whether they will shift the District’s revenue stream from real estate taxes to an additional income tax with additional future supplements from gambling revenues.  Each dollar received from the tax shift must be used for tax relief to all approved homestead/farmstead owners through a reduction in their real estate taxes.   


    The application is processed and approved by the County Homestead Office. Once an application is approved as a homestead/farmstead the owner is eligible for the tax relief and will not have to file again unless circumstances change regarding the property. Each year prior to December 31st individuals who do not have an approved application on file as well as individuals who acquired property within the school district during the year will be sent an application for completion. The filing deadline with the Assessment Office is March 1 of each year.


    It is very important that each and every residential and farm property owner complete and file the application by the March 1st due date. If the filing deadline is missed, the taxpayer will not have another opportunity to file until next March and will not be eligible for any tax relief which may occur on the July 1st real estate tax bill. 


    If you did not receive an application and your property has not already been approved, you can stop in at the Wilson School District Business Office, 2601 Grandview Boulevard, West Lawn, Pa., 19609 to get a form or call the Tax Office at (610) 670-0180 ext. 1117 and request an application be mailed. Any questions regarding whether your property has been approved can be addressed by the Berks County Homestead Office at (610) 478-6263.