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Field Trips Are On The Horizon

We are quickly approaching spring, our field trip season.  If teachers have not already done so, they will soon be securing chaperones for their respective trips.  In order to be eligible to chaperone a field trip, the parent/guardian must complete the 3 forms listed below and submit to the CT office in time for consideration:

  1. Criminal History Clearance (Act 34)
  2. Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151) 
  3. Wilson School District Volunteer Acknowledgement

These forms and instructions for completion are located on the CT website > Administration > Clearances.  If your clearances are not on file with our HR Department, you will be ineligible to chaperone and another parent or guardian will be chosen.  Please check with Mrs. Bortz in the CT Office to confirm your eligibility.

Tentative dates* for Spring Field trips:

  • 1st grade - March 30, 31
  • 2nd grade - April 6
  • 3rd grade - May 16, 17
  • 4th grade - May 18
  • 5th grade - May 25
  • Grades 3 to 5 - June 1  ***OPTIONAL***
*Dates are chosen and communicated to staff and families months in advance to allow for proper planning, but they may change due to unexpected, unforeseen circumstances.