• This page is intended for Wilson schools, school clubs and groups, PTOs, and Wilson Scout organizations.  If you are not one of these organizations, please see instructions for ALL OTHER REQUESTORS.    
    Procedures to request use of facilities:
    Please contact your school office with full details of your request, such as:
                School being requested
          ALL room(s) and/or Field(s) being requested
          *If you are requesting use of a kitchen in addition to a cafeteria, please be specific when requesting.  If only a cafeteria is requested, the kitchen will NOT be available.


          Start and end times for use of facility.  If  you require setup and cleanup time, please  advise the actual time of your event, as well as the full start and end times for the reservation.

          Purpose – Provide detailed description containing reason for your request

          Provide number of attendees expected
          Special Requirements – Please provide all special requirements that may be required of school personnel (such as table setup, equipment needs, etc.)  Depending on the type of technical equipment required, the school will need to determine if the request can be accommodated.
          Vendors/outside entities/rented equipment If you plan to have any outside entities at your event, please communicate this to the school AND also advise the Facilities Scheduler facilitiesscheduler@wilsonsd.org as soon as possible, as certificates of liability insurance may be required by the outside entity in order to be at your event. 


    The school may request that an APPLICATION be completed and submitted.  If so, please complete and submit the application to the school for consideration.

    PLEASE READ Board Policy 707 (revised) which contains important information pertaining to use of school facilities.  It is requestor’s responsibility to read and follow information in policy.



    As noted previously, if any outside entities/vendors/providers of rented equipment, etc., will be at your event, those entities are required to submit certificates of liability insurance (minimum $1 million policy). 
    These entities include, but are not limited to, DJs, photographers, videographers, food vendors, food caterers, moonwalk providers, carnival ride/game providers, providers of rented equipment, etc.
    Please advise the school and the Facilities Scheduler facilitiesscheduler@wilsonsd.org as soon as possible if there will be any outside entities at the event.  Certificate of liability insurance requirements:
    -       Certificate holder must be listed as:  Wilson School District, 2601 Grandview Blvd.,
            West Lawn, PA  19609
    -       Certificate must state that the Wilson School District is an additional insured
    -       30 days written notice of policy cancellation
    -       See SAMPLE CERTIFICATE attached for limits (minimum $1 million policy required), etc.
    -       Depending on the certificate of liability insurance provided, the outside entity may also be 
       required to submit a SIGNED WRITTEN CONTRACT.


    Please contact the Facilities Scheduler facilitiesscheduler@wilsonsd.org for assistance in obtaining the certificates.