The instructions below pertain to all nonschool groups, INCLUDING parent/booster organizations for school teams, youth feeder groups, and all other requestors.


    To request use of district facilities, please review information provided below and return the appropriate completed and signed documents.



    Prior to completing the application, please read Board Policy 707 (revised) which contains important information pertaining to use of school facilities.  It is requestor’s responsibility to read and follow information in policy.

    An APPLICATION must be completed, signed and submitted to the Facilities Scheduler via email facilitiesscheduler@wilsonsd.org, fax (484-334-6444) or mail (2601 Grandview Blvd., West Lawn, PA  19609).  Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event date.  When received, the request must go through an approval process before we can advise you of the status of the request.  Please be sure to:


    ·         Provide detailed explanation of the event

    ·         Indicate all room(s)/field(s) requested

    ·         Advise if field lining is required for use of a field

    ·         Provide date (or possible dates in order of preference)

    ·         Full amount of hours required (including setup/breakdown), as well as the actual time
              of the event
    ·         Provide all special requirements, such as sound/lighting needs, audio/visual, custodial,
              setup, etc.

    ·         Provide number of attendees expected and number of performers expected

    ·         Advise if you wish to have any special effects (pyrotechnics, etc.)

    ·         Cafeterias and kitchens are considered different rooms.  Please be specific to rooms
               requested when completing the application.
    ·         If you need use of a kitchen or kitchen equipment, please note this on the application.
              Your organization is required to contact the Wilson’s Food Services Department (Peggy
              Umbenhauer, 610-670-0180 x1147) as soon as possible to discuss your needs.  There is
              a fee to have a Wilson food service employee in attendance to supervise use of the
              kitchen, etc., which should be discussed with the Food Services Department directly.




    If facilities are being reserved for fundraising purposes, a fundraiser form must be completed and submitted as instructed.


    UNLESS NOTIFICATION OF CANCELLATION IS RECEIVED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF AN APPROVED EVENT (to FacilitiesScheduler@wilsonsd.org or 610-670-0180 x1223), applicant will be responsible for all fees after the request has been approved. 


    See schedules of rental rates:

    -Athletic Facility Rental Rates  (updated 7/1/17)      




    If your event falls on a date/time when a custodian or groundsperson does not work regular hours (typically Saturdays and Sundays during months school is in session; typically weeknights, Saturdays and Sundays and possibly weekdays during the summer), a custodian must be assigned.  In addition to any other fees, you will also be charged a staffing fee to have a custodian or groundsperson on duty (time-and-a-half + fringe benefits x number of hours worked -– including all setup time, cleanup time, etc).


    If a custodian must be pulled from regular duties to assist with an event (setup, etc.), staffing fees will also be charged. 

    Per Board Policy 707 (attached), “The user shall agree to…8.  Responsibility for cleaning the room or area, unless the school district assigns a custodian and makes a charge for this service, properly arranging furniture, turning off lights, and locking doors.”  PLEASE NOTE -- Staffing fees will be charged if school staff must perform these duties, even if the event falls during regular custodial working hours, as it will take the custodian away from regular duties.


    If your request involves use of the pool, you will be invoiced after the event for lifeguarding fees, as well as rental fees. 




    As noted previously, if you need use of a kitchen or kitchen equipment, please note this on the application.  Your organization is required to contact the Wilson’s Food Services Department (Peggy Umbenhauer, 610-670-0180 x1147) as soon as possible to discuss your needs.  There is a fee to have a Wilson food service employee(s) in attendance to supervise use of the kitchen.  This must be discussed with the Food Services Department directly.




    You will be advised of material fees, such as paint to line fields, etc., if necessary.





    You will be advised of any “lights and sounds” fee, stagehand staffing fee, etc., if applicable.  Use of auditorium may not be granted if stagehand is not available on the date of event.




    Your organization is required to submit a certificate of liability insurance (minimum $1 million liability policy) if facilities will be used.  Please see following information:  

    ·         Certificate holder must be listed as:  Wilson School District, 2601 Grandview Blvd.,
               West Lawn, PA 19609

    ·         Certificate must state that the Wilson School District is an additional insured

    ·         Certificate must indicate that 30 days written notice of policy cancellation will be

    ·         See SAMPLE CERTIFICATE for limits, etc.


    If you have questions concerning the certificate, please advise and we will be happy to put you in contact with our insurance agent for further explanation.


    ADDITIONALLY, if any outside entities/vendors/providers of rented equipment, etc., (such as, but not limited to, DJs, photographers, videographers, food vendors, food caterers, moonwalk providers, carnival ride/game providers, providers of rented equipment, etc.) will be at your event, those vendors must be approved and will also be required to submit certificates of liability insurance.  When submitting the application, please advise if there will be any outside vendors


    PROJECTORS – Cart projectors are NOT available for use.


    SUNDAY USE – Board policy limits use of school facilities on Sundays to the hours of 9:00 am - 8:00 pm.



    The schools are closed on holidays.

    Additionally, if schools are closed, or become closed during the course of a day (due to inclement weather, etc.), use of school facilities is also cancelled.


    If you have any questions, please contact the Facilities Scheduler facilitiesscheduler@wilsonsd.org or 610-670-0180 x1223). 


    Thank you.  We look forward to assisting you!