• “As educators, our challenge is to match the needs of our learners to a world that is changing with great rapidity.  To meet this challenge, we need to become strategic learners ourselves by deliberately expanding our perspectives and updating our approaches.”

    — Heidi Hayes Jacobs
     Lifelong Learning

    The Wilson School District‘s curriculum design reflects current thinking and research on what students need to know and be able to do to prepare for life after they graduate. The world is changing dramatically, and so is the job market students will be entering.   Therefore, our goal is to create a curriculum that fosters what the business and post-graduate world expects from our students.  Our curriculum is built to promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication while meeting the expectations from the Department of Education, College Board or other industry standard in the field.

    The single most influential component of an effective school is the individual teachers within that school.  Teaching is an art that is fully realized when students receive content knowledge through an individualized approach.  Therefore, the curriculum is being developed and analyzed to ensure common outcomes that optimize learning experiences for all student while allowing teachers the ability to bring their expertise and craft into each lesson.This work would not be possible without our team of curricular leaders which includes Curriculum Council, teacher leaders, and grade and departmental level coordinators, and administration.

    By combining high curricular expectations for students with effective, differentiated classroom instruction, the Wilson School District is dedicated to fulfill our mission of empowering students to create their own future.

    Dr. Amy Flannery

    Director of Curriculum

    Wilson School District

    610-670-0180 x6678