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    Parents of 4th and 5th grade BEGINNER BAND Students

    please click on the link below to join my class DOJO.

     Beginner Band Dojo


    Rent with Menchey Music!!!  2016 Rental Rates

     Beginner Band Sign -ups will be in September for 2017-18. 


    Please click here to view the Band Sign-up Form. 

    Band Instruments  


    All 4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to join the band.

    Information for the 2017-18 school year will be available in September. 


     Rent on-line
    Visit the convenient music store for supplies and questions about the rentals. 
     Wyo Shop info


    moving notes
    Follow these tips for practicing at home:
    1.  Sit in a sturdy chair with tall posture and feet flat on the floor.
    2.  Use a music stand to hold your book.
    3.  Warm up with long tones and scale notes.
    4.  Play each song assigned in your book several times.  Try to make it sound better each time!!
    5.  Remember to tap your foot to feel the beats.
    6.  Check your goal sheet for approaching deadlines.
    7.  Mark your practice times on your chart in your folder.
    8.  Have fun!!!!! 
    Let's Go Band!!!!
    Check out the links at the bottom of the page to learn more about the band instruments.


    Band Lessons are on Days 2, 4, or 6
    Make sure to check the lesson schedule outside the band room for your assigned time!
    Lesson times will change each cycle!
    BAND REHEARSAL is on Day 2 
    Remember to fill in your practice chart!! 
    Challenge yourself to practice 5 days each week!  Always give your BEST effort!!!
    Check out the links at the bottom of this page!!!!
    We will be learning how to use SMART MUSIC this year!!!  Stay tuned for more information about this exciting computer program!!!
    Check out the website at http://www.smartmusic.com.
    Mrs. Thompson's email address is - 
    (Click on address)   ThoDon@wilsonsd.org

    My school phone is:  610-670-0180  ex. 3063
    I am truly excited to work with all of the
    Cornwall Terrace Band students this year!!


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    Links to fun activities for musicians:

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra(Music Room: Learn about musical instruments, play games, etc.) 
    http://nyphilkids.org (Learn about musical instuments and composers too!!)

    Music Theory Practice  (Click here to find practice on note reading and theory skills)
    Brass Fingering Practice  (Click here and then choose an instrument to practice    fingering skills)
    Note reading practice  (Click here to practice naming the notes on the staff)
Last Modified on September 13, 2017