Tutoring Room Staff

    Mrs. Kendra Bailey - Reading and English
    Ms. Jennifer Competielle
    Ms. Samantha Starr
    Ms. Allison Filer 
    Mrs. Janet Mogel - Social Studies and Math
    The Tutoring Room (500A/B near the science classrooms) is available to all students at Southern Middle School. The teachers provide tutoring and support for all classes. Any student who needs a little help during their study halls or after school should contact their guidance counselor to learn more about the program. Students are welcome any time during the day as long as they have a signed pass. We also offer tutoring after school in the library. Any student is welcome after school...just get to the library by 2:45pm.

    Also, students can use the various links on these pages for extra help in classes and for research.




Last Modified on August 13, 2015