• Wilson School District is now offering online resources that harmonize traditional teaching and an exciting hands-on approach to student-centered learning. The students will be active and social participants in their learning by creating their own connections and content through the online course initiative. The Virtual Academy has numerous tools to support the student’s efforts ranging from forums, chats, blogs, email and wikis for collaboration and help, to web based activities and online quizzes for immediate feedback.

    Please view the short videos below to get an overview of the tools used by the Wilson School District to meet our students needs to learn how to be literate in an ever increasing technology driven society.

    Google Apps for Education - Wilson is leveraging Google's tremendous, no cost efforts to support education. Google Apps for Education Edition is a free suite of hosted email and collaborative web applications.

    Moodle - is an open source content management system (CMS) allowing teachers to create a virtual classroom with resources and activities to support and create the learning environment. The Moodle server is hosted and supported by the Wilson School District and is a cost effective solution to offer students a place to socially create learning.

    This simple video shows how Google Apps, Moodle, Wikis, and  Blogs can enhance student learning, enable collaboration and information exchange both inside and outside of our classrooms.
    If you or someone you might know is interested in online learning, please contact
    Deb Chestnut
    Wilson Virtual Academy Coordinator
    610-670-0180 ext. 1139

Last Modified on August 6, 2012