• Reading Department Philosophy


    The mission of the Wilson School District Language Arts Department is to increase student achievement through setting clear goals, to establish standards-based curriculum aligned with authentic assessments, and to foster effective communication.  The curriculum is not an end in itself, but a means of helping students to learn what is considered essential for preparing them to fulfill adult roles in society and realize their potential as individuals.  The goal for each student is to become a self-directed, lifelong learner who analyzes the complexity and richness of the world.


    Providing reading, writing, speaking, and listening opportunities in a variety of ways will promote the development of critical thinkers and literate citizens.  Rigorous expectations are set as teachers employ the best instructional strategies to guide students through relevant experiences across curriculum and grades.  Meaningful educational opportunities are based on appropriate learning levels frequently structured in student-centered instruction.  


    Reading Department Goals for Every Wilson High School Graduate:


    Read and respond to text in various genres for various purposes (to entertain, to inform, and to improve comprehension and fluency)

    Incorporate effective reading strategies in order to comprehend texts, both fiction and non-fiction, across all disciplines

    Retain lifelong reading habits through independent reading

    Effectively write in various genres for various audiences
    Effectively communicate with varied audiences for varied purposes


    The mission is to empower all students to pursue their educational and career goals by providing a relevant, engaging and challenging learning environment.
Last Modified on November 27, 2013