Wilson's School Board

School Board Members


Steve Ehrlich, President 
Matt Wolf, Vice-President
Dr. Steve Chmielewski,Treasurer
Brad Hart
Jason Hopp
Michael Martin
Robert Metzgar
Jay Nigrini
Carol Reid
Cheryl Raffauf, Board Secretary,(non-voting)
John Miravich Esq., Solicitor


Please click here to read the full statement from the Wilson School District Board of Directors regarding the recent Superintendent developments.
Please direct all School Board correspondence to:
Wilson School Board
Wilson School District

2601 Grandview Boulevard
West Lawn, PA 19609
School Board Meetings - The Wilson School Board meets in public session on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the Administration Building's Board Room unless otherwise noted.  The 3rd Monday meeting is televised on local access Channel 22 (Comcast).
For a list of all 2016-17 School Board Meeting Dates, please click Here
For a list of all 2016-17 School Board Committee Meeting Dates, please click HERE


Carol Reid, Chairperson

Steve Chmielewski, MD, Co-Chair
Dr. Amy Flannery, Director of Curriculum Dr. Cindy Mierzejewski, Assistant Superintendent

610-670-0180 x1143

Public Relations

Brad Hart, Chairperson
TBD, Director of Public Information
610-670-0180 x1111


Matt Wolf, Chairperson
Co-Chair: Brad Hart
Drew Kaufmann, Extracurricular Director

610-670-0180 x1142

Student Discipline (Ad hoc)

Jason Hopp Chairperson

Co-Chair: Matt Wolf
Dr. Kate Long, Director of Pupil Services
610-670-0180 x 1135


Jay Nigrini, Esq, Chairperson
Co-Chair: Mike Martin
Kyle Zeiber, Director Of Plant Management

610-670-0180 x1241

Student Outreach                                                                           Robert Metzgar, Chairperson
Dr. Kate Long, Director of Pupil Services
610-670-0180 x1135



Steve Ehrlich, Chairperson

Co-Chair:Jay Nigrini                                                  
Christine Schlosman, Chief Financial Officer 

610-670-0180 x1112

Steve Chmielewski, Chairperson
Co-Chair: Robert Metzgar
Dr. Cindy Mierzejewski, Asst. Superintendent
610-670-0180 x1143

Human Resources

Jason Hopp, Esq., Chairperson

Co-Chair: Matt Wolf
Lori Lillis, Director of Human Resources

610-670-0180 x1167

                             *All Board members are welcome to attend any committee meeting.



Berks County Intermediate Unit Board (3-yr. term)
      Carol Reid
Berks Career & Technology Center Joint Operating Committee (3-yr. term)
      Robert Metzgar
Berks Earned Income Tax Bureau 
   Christine Schlosman, Chief Financial Officer
Legislative/PA School Board Assn. Representative
            Mike Martin
School Board Assn. Employee Relations Contact
      Jason Hopp                                                                                                                                                                                          
Township of Spring Recreation Board (annual appointment - 2 members)
      William Herbine and Keith Stamm
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