Wilson Virtual Academy


    The mission of the Wilson School District's Virtual Academy, the WVA, is to ensure students have access to quality online learning opportunities that prepare them for a lifetime of success.
    We believe that every student has different educational needs whether it be the total classroom experience, totally virtual or a combination of both.  A student enrolled in the WVA has the full gamut of Wilson resources available to him/her, all extracurricular activities and a liaison/mentor between the district, parents, student and curriculum vendor.  Your student has full access to the Building Libraries and a quiet place to work, if needed. Please contact Deb Chestnut, chedeb@wilsonsd.org
    or 610-670-0180 ext 1139 for more information. 
    For more information about the WVA, please read our brochure.

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    Deb Chestnut
    Wilson Virtual Academy Coordinator
    610-670-0180  ext. 1139
    in conjunction with the WSD School Counselors
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