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The students will be accessing the internet to research information about different countries in the world.  They will need to present this information in the form of an online/interactive poster called a glog.  The purpose of this webquest is for students to gather information during the World Countries and Continents unit.  The information gathered will then be presented by the students to the class.  They will take an active role in the education process by educating others about countries around the globe.  The class will write information from the presentations in their travel log during class.

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Students, you have recently been given the task to be travel agents for my travel agency, Around the World Agency.  You will need to advertise for traveling to various countries around the world.  You must research information and create a way to advertise this information.  You need to provide certain criteria that are listed below in your project.  For your advertisement you will need to work on creating glog (online/interactive poster).  Then travelers and your peers (along with me, the manager of the agency) will review your information.  Make sure your poster is informational and makes the traveler want to go to your selected country.  Best of luck!

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1.     Select your country

a.    A list will be located online, please select a country that has not already been chosen by another student.

b.    You can access the list here:
Australia Italy
Brazil Japan
Canada Mexico
China Peru
Egypt Russian Federation
France South Africa
Germany Spain
India United Kingdom
     -->You will be notified prior to the first day in the computer lab


2.    Now that you have selected your country print off your research information sheet.

a.    Please fill out all of the appropriate information.

b.    Country Report Form

c.    At each website please explore and check the links as noted below:


d.  Remember to include enough detail in the country's report.

3.    Information that needs to be gathered from the research on your country should include:

a.    List of languages spoken

b.    Capital city

                                          i.    Provide name, location, and popular tourist spots

c.    Other cities of interest

d.    Tourist spots to see, places to go, and things to see that you or others would find interesting about the country.

                                          i.    This can include important landforms or landmarks of interest

                                        ii.    A minimum of 3

                                       iii.    A maximum of 5

e.    Other unique features and interesting facts you find on the country

4.    You will have 1 week of computer lab time to complete your task.

a.    This includes researching information, and making a glog online.

5.    After you have researched all of the information on your selected country, you may now make your glog.  If you need instructions and/or a review on making a glog the instructor will work with you on how to make

a.    Items your glog must contain:

                                          i.    Your Name

                                        ii.    Your Grade

                                       iii.    Your Teacher

                                       iv.    Name of country

                                         v.    Capital city of country

                                       vi.    Other cities to visit

                                      vii.    List of tourist locations and places to visit

                                     viii.    Languages spoken

                                       ix.    Other facts and unique information about your country

                                        x.    Images, flags, and/or maps of your country

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1.     Glogster website for creating presentation
3.    Country websites with information for research (click on the underlined links)
4.  Other Resources:
         a. Travel Agent Country Sign-up Survey 
         c.  Travel Agent Webquest Rubric
5.    Use the country websites for images on Glogster.
a.    The instructor (travel agency manager) will review how to place images on the glog during the computer lab sessions.

Great job tour guides!  As the manager of this travel agency I would like to thank you for gathering information on some of the most traveled countries in the world.  I have one last assignment for you to complete.  Now that you have successfully completed gathering information and creating an advertisement for traveling to a different country, I want you to present it to others. 
If your presentation generates enough interest in travelling to the country our agency will award you with a bonus.  You will be presenting to your fellow agents and travelers from the Whitfield community (teachers, parents, and staff). People will rate your presentation using the following criteria (survey form here).  As the manager of the agency I will average your rating to give you your bonus.  The commission that you will be awarded will go towards your final grade for the project.   The commission you receive is extra credit (bonus points) that is awarded to your glog.

1.     Students will be graded on their research and glog by the teacher created rubric (Travel Agent Webquest Rubric).  The project is work a total of 20 points. 

2.    Extra credit is rewarded based on the average of the reviews by peers and fellow travelers.

a.    A scale of 0  to 5 will be given for the review (survey form here)

                                          i.    Students are awarded 0 to 5 points for extra credit based on their review averages.
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