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    about the WTC BOOSTERS

    The Wilson Theater Company Booster group is organized to
    • let the community know about the outstanding work that the Theater Company kids do
    • provide volunteer help for Theater Company projects
    • help Theater Company's community fund-raising efforts

    2016-2017 Officers
    Tammy Yacobowsky- President

    Chris Fisher- Treasurer

    Melinda Sullivan- Supper Serenade Chair

    Holly Fisher- Raffle Chair

    Paul Yacobowsky- Publicity Chair

    Allison White- Concessions Chair

    Paul Yacobowsky- Capital Campaign Chair


    upcoming events

    volunteer clearance forms
    In order to participate as a booster volunteer with our Wilson students, you must follow the Wilson School District Volunteer Policy. Information about volunteer requirements is linked below



    What is a GOOGLE GROUP?
    The wtcBOOSTER Google Group is a free on-line service that will allow our members to easily share information and collaborate more quickly and dynamically. When a group member sends an email to the group, everyone in the group will receive the message. In addition, members can access the GOOGLE GROUP page to access discussions in an easy to follow format.

    Request to join the wtcBOOSTER GOOGLE GROUP
    Email your request to repjod@wilsonsd.org
    Include in your email
        • your name
        • your email address
        • your connection to Wilson Theater
        • and that you want to join the wtcBooster Google Group
     Once your request is received, you will be added to the WTCBOOSTER Google Group and will start to receive group emails.
Last Modified on September 18, 2016