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    The Wilson Athletic Hall of Fame records, honors and preserves outstanding high school athletic achievements by graduates of both Wilson High School and the former Sinking Spring High School.
    Coaches,administrators, as well as those from the WSD community who have made significant contributions to the Wilson and former Sinking Spring athletic programs, are eligible for induction into the Hall.
    The Hall also honors graduating athletes through scholarships based on academic and athletic excellence, character and financial need.
    Read our bylaws here.
    We are accepting nominations for the 2017 induction. Anyone can nominate a candidate.


    1986 INDUCTEES


                                                    FRED FRANKS                          KATE POTTEIGER

                                                    GREG FREDERICKS                          WILBUR REESER (dec)

                                                    BARBARA GALLO                                 MICHAEL REITZ

                                                    SCOTT HAGY                                        MICHAEL SNYDER

                                                    DENNIS HEPNER                               JAY WEITZEL

                                        JIM LIPPINCOTT                        JOHN WEITZEL (dec)


    1987 INDUCTEES


                                                    SUZANNE DRY (FALLER)                  RALPH LEININGER, SR. (dec)

                                                    RICK FEHLING                                     RALPH LEININGER, JR.

                                                    JOHN GURSKI                                      ELLEN POTTEIGER (DANFIELD)

                                                    WILLIAM KOPP*                                    MICHAEL REEDY


    1988 INDUCTEES


                                                    PETE IACCARINO                                BRAD KREISHER

                                                    MIKE RUDOLPH                                  LEROY SCHANNAUER

                                                    ANDY STRAKA (dec)                           WILLIAM BRUMBACH (dec)


    1990 INDUCTEES

                                                    DEWEY TROUTMAN                            GERALD SLEMMER

                                                    THOMAS O'NEILL                                 ROBERT FORD

                                                    ROBERT MITZEL                                  RANDY SIMCOX

                                                    DR. AARON MILLER


    1991 INDUCTEES

                                                    H.Y. BRUBAKER (dec)                         NANCY KEENE SCHWEIGART

                                                    CARL BEIDLER                                    RICK WARDROP

                                                    ROGER GALLO                                    SUE LEINBACH (dec)

                                                    JIM FEHLING


    1992 INDUCTEES

                                                    ROBERT SHEIDY (dec)                           MISSY SALLADE DICKENSON

                                                    BARCLAY SELL                                         PATTI WANNER SMITH

                                                    DON SWEIMLER                                       BILL FEHLING

                                                    FARRELL FRANKS                                   NORMAN HOPP (dec)


    1993 INDUCTEES

                                                    FRANK 'PETE' LEACH (dec)                   STEVE SCHANNAUER

                                                    ANNA MAE RUTH RAMSEY                    CHRIS FINCH

                                                    SCOTT WEAVER                                      TRACY LEINBACH

                                                    MIKE WENRICH                                       BILL MOYER (dec)

    1994 INDUCTEES


                                                    RAY PAULEY                                              ROBERT SHOUP

                                                    BILL DRY                                                   STEVE KREIDER

                                                    MIKE MOYER                                            BRAD RAMSEY

                                                    BETH HAAS                                              DR. ALFRED JOHNSON (dec)


    1995 INDUCTEES

                                                    JOHN DELP                                             JULI WINKLER

                                                    MARTY FLICKINGER                              JIM LEWIS

                                                    TUCKER DIGUARDI (dec)                     KERRY COLLINS

                                                    BRIAN MCCARTY                                    GRANT MAHON


    1996 INDUCTEES

                                                    JAKE SLEMMER                                        DR. CARL HASSLER (dec)

                                                    JOHN GURSKI, JR.                                  GLENN WEYMAN (dec)

                                                    ANNA (HOLLENBACH) CHASE (dec)   DOUG HESS

                                                    DR. LEE SCHAEBLER                            KIM (SCHROLL) UNDERWOOD


    1997 INDUCTEES

                                                    FRANK KULP (dec)                                   FRED MUENZ (dec)

                                                    KIT FEGLEY                                                TIM EBBERT

                                                    JIM KIRKPATRICK                                      LINDA DAVIS

                                                    DALLAS ZIEBER


    1998 INDUCTEES

                                                    KENNETH WESSNER (dec)                    FORREST ULRICH

                                                    BILL FIRING                                                GARY LEACH

                                                    DON ALLEN                                                MARK CORNFIELD

                                                    JOHN YOCUM


    1999 INDUCTEES

                                                    NORMAN SENSENIG (dec)                     BARBARA BATZEL FLAMM

                                                    PATRICIA ORI                                             JOHN SPADAFORA (dec)

                                                    DREW KEISER                                          STEVE SMITH

                                                    RICH ROMICH


    2000 INDUCTEES

                                                    NANCY KULP GREEN                             MICHAEL SENSENIG

                                                    PETER SCHRECK                                   TODD BRADBURN

                                                    AMY HITE RAVEL                                      BILL MORGAN

                                                    JOHN SCHWEIGERT


    2001 INDUCTEES

                                                    TONY CIANCI                                             WAYNE HASSLER

                                                    STEVE COPELAND (dec)                        BRIDGET (BURKOT) EDWARDS

                                                    LORD 'WHITEY' MOYER (dec)                SUE ZIMMERMAN

                                                    REGGIE WEISS


    2002 INDUCTEES     

                                        TOM ULRICH (dec)                         JASON GIBBLE
                                        MANDY KAUFFMAN                      KATIE (KAUFFMAN) BEACH
                                        JEFF NIEDROWSKI                       KRISTEN(OVERTURF) FAISON
                                        ROBERT SHAAK (dec)                  JIM SANDOR


    2003 INDUCTEES

                                                    GREG ALLUSHUSKI                                JACK LEDBETTER

                                                    DALE WITWER                                          TRAVIS BERGER

                                                    RAQUEL LAINO                                        JULIE PELCHAR

                                                    CHRIS ADAMS                                          MIKE MOYER


    2004 INDUCTEES

                                                    ROBERT GERTH                                      DARCIE HITE

                                                    GEORGE GYOMBER                               DEREK SCHROLL

                                                    BRANDON NAPLES                                SHANE STAFFORD

                                                    ERICA BOSLER KAIRIS                          HAROLD MILLER


    2005 INDUCTEES

                                                    GLENN HARE                                           ROY SNYDER

                                                    TOM HOUCK                                             DAN WITMAN

                                                    SCOTT TROY                                            BERNIE STOPPI

                                                    JOHN PISCITELLI                                    JIM GEHMAN

                                                    ELLEN WOLF                                            BOB BRIGHT


    2006 INDUCTEES

                                                    MEGAN LEWIS                                         ED SEP

                                                    KRISTY KOWAL                                       JEFF GIBBLE

                                                    STEVE DALLAS


    2007 INDUCTEES

                                                    DOUG DAHMS                                         STEPHANIE COPELAND MITCHELL

                                                    DAVE DEBIEC                                          SAMI BAUSHER

                                                    MOLLY KAUFFMAN                                 JOHN GILMORE

                                                    CARL DRAGONETTE                                        


    2008 INDUCTEES


                                                    VICKI GALLEN                                        ADRIENNE REESE

                                                    DREW KAUFMANN                               TIM STARNES

                                                    JOE LEWIS                                             JANICE OTT

                                                    VICKY QUIMBY                                       ALISON BAVER


    2009 INDUCTEES


                                                    JOHN 'DOC' MOYER                             FRITZ WENRICH

                                                    RICK STEHMAN                                     ASHLEY GOOD KAUFMAN

                                                    ERIN SHOCKLEY HOLMAN                JAY NIGRINI

                                                    MICHAEL NIEDROWSKI                                   


    2010 INDUCTEES


                                                    MARC DEININGER                                JEREMY PALM

                                                    MICHELLE FORD                                   SHEILA (STUFFLET) RESSLER

                                                    PETE GILMORE                                      DAVE ULLRICH

                                                    DAVE HAUSE


    2011 INDUCTEES


                                                    ALEX AUSTON                           KEITH KOWAL

                                                    RAJEEV EMANY                                    JEN MILES

                                        BRETT HARBACH                      ANDY ROLAND

                                        MARILYN HECKMAN

    2012 INDUCTEES

                                        TONY CIPOLLA                           KRISTIN (WOODRING) MESSNER
                                        BILL HAAS                                  BRUCE VAUGHN
                                        JAMI SANDS                               JULIA (KRATZER) MENZO
                                        DORETTA SHEAFFER  
    2013 INDUCTEES

                                        BRUCE HARBACH                                    CINDY LEHATTA
                                        JUSTIN HOUCK                                         RACHEL NAPOLI
    2014 INDUCTEES
                                        HAROLD SLEMMER                                  BARBARA HECKMAN (dec)
                                        RUDY RUTH                                              SYLVESTER COMPARINI
                                        GARY CANNER                                          CHAD HENNE
                                        KRISTI KAUFFMAN                                   GEORGE MACK (dec)
    2015 INDUCTEES
                                        AARON BURNS                                          NICOLE WOYTON
                                        JODI HUCKABEE                                        VITO NINFO
                                       GREG STORR                                             KATHY GOOD



    Tom Houck   houtho@wilsonsd.org
    Scott Troy        unctroy@hotmail.com