While on duty for the Wilson Food Service Program our staff represents this departmentWe therefore request that all individuals present a clean, neat and professional appearance which will serve to enhance the image of the program. In addition, the dress of staff must support the safety of the staff themselves, as well as the students and adults they serve.


    We ask that staff not wear sweat suits of jersey or nylon material, leggins; stirrups; exercise tights or apparel made of denim. Pants made of denim materials are discouraged because of the heavy weight of the fabric.When hot spills occur the tight fit of the pants and the heavy weight of the material pose an increased risk of severe burn by exposing the skin to a higher degree of heat. 

    Cottons, twills and polyester which are washable lend themselves to the types of soil encountered in the food service environment.

    Staff may wear white uniforms if they prefer, but they are not required.

    Staff may wear slacks, skirts or culottes at knee length.We ask that you not wear shorts. They provide no protection to the lower torso in the event of the spillage of a hot liquid and they are not conducive to presenting a professional image. Slacks may have top stitching.

    The Wilson Food Service program provides two red logo shirts to each staff person each year.Additional shirts may be purchased at cost.Staff are expected to wear these shirts whenever they are working.

    Aprons are provided in the work area for use during preparation, as well as, during serving.Please be sure that aprons worn on the serving line are CLEAN.Remember, your appearance reflects on the image of the program.

    Heavy plastic aprons are available for anyone working in the dishwashing area that may desire to wear them.


    We ask that you not wear sandals, clogs, dress heels, shoes with leather soles or the perfectly flat-bottomed sneakers called “boat shoes”.A treaded slip resistant sneaker or shoe is found to be most acceptable.They provided traction on the very hard surfaced quarry tile floors, as well as provided good foot support for the amount of time one must walk and stand while on duty.There is no color requirement for the foot covering.

    Heavy duty waitress/nurses shoes may be worn, however not required or requested due to the extreme cost and the limited amount of usage when only working a limited number of hours each day.


    Whenever staff is working with food with their hands it is required that they practice extreme care and sanitation.Disposable gloves are available in all work areas.Please use for only one use.Do not take off, lay on a work surface then return, pick up and put back on.Any time the glove comes in contact with a surface other than food, it needs to be discarded.NEVER WASH A DISPOSABLE GLOVE ON YOUR HAND AND REUSE.

    There are some food preparation and serving tasks that do not lend themselves to the use of the gloves.When those situations arise PLEASE demonstrate great care to appropriately wash hands before beginning the process and at any time along the way that you have touched any item other than the food and equipment directly involved in that task.

    Heavy-duty rubber gloves are available to all those who desire to wear them for any clean tasks which involve chemical contact.We ask that when you are issued a pair of gloves you mark them in some way as to identify them for your use only.


    This department supports full compliance with the Department of Agriculture regulations regarding hair restraint.This can be accomplished by use of a hair net; surgical bonnet or lightweight painter’s or ball type cap.Caps may not have logos except those directly related to the Wilson School District.Staff is required to provide their own hair restraint device.

    Failure to comply with hair restraint regulations, staff will be subject to disciplinary action.


    We ask that staff use good judgment in limiting the use of jewelry while on duty.Any jewelry with posts, pins or clasps that have a tendency to slip off, should NOT be worn.Should the posts, pins or clasps or items they are suppose to be holding fall undetected into food items they could be inadvertently served to students, staff or even co-workers; thus presenting significant safety hazards.


    We ask that staff involved in food preparation and service not wear acrylic fingernails, overlays or any material applied to the surface of the real nail.Any of the above materials can easily be detached and fall into food being prepared or served.

    Staff is asked to maintain medium to short length real nails so as to avoid nails being broken and lost in food during preparation and service.

    We ask that staff not wear nail polish when on duty.The potential for nail polish chipping during work is ever present.When we see an individual working with food with chipped nail polish one wonders if the missing chip is the item being prepared or served.We have an obligation to prevent contamination of our food with foreign material.