Program Goals
1.   To provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere in a safe setting where self-concept is enhanced,  
      independence and choices are encouraged, and self-discipline is gained in an environment where the  
      child knows limits and expectations.

2.   To provide an atmosphere in which children have a sense of personal dignity.

3.   To establish respect for people, equipment and materials.

4.   To provide a wide variety of activities within a routine, where cooperative play is encouraged. These
      activities are drawn from the areas of: art, science, cooking, music and movement, social studies, 
      practical life, dramatic play, language arts, manipulative activities and field trips. The activities are
      designed to meet the interest, abilities, and needs of the children.

5.   To develop in each child an active curiosity about the world in which the child lives and an enthusiasm
      for learning which stimulates exploratory behavior and creativity.

6.   To develop in each child an appreciation for nature.

7.   To provide ample opportunity to develop large motor skills and coordination through physically active
      play in either indoor or outdoor activities.

8.   To provide an opportunity for the child to become independent and responsible through self directed and
      individualized activities.

9.   To provide the child with appropriate alternatives to angry and aggressive behavior.

10. To help each child learn to participate and function well in a group.

11. To offer open communication with parents and family members, providing a positive atmosphere.
12. To ensure the safety of our children, a Child Care Emergency Plan is in place for all of the district's
      child care centers.
13. To develop self control.