Payment Procedure:
    No business can run without funding, therefore the following procedure has been developed to promote high quality services, materials, supplies, and well-trained, educated caregivers common to Wilson Child Care.
    Your contracted weekly rate is Due every Monday, which includes care for that week. 
    Prompt payment of tuition is necessary to ensure that the program can continue to function.  Payments made in advance are permitted.
    Payment is considered Past Due if not paid in full by Tuesday of each week; at which time a $15 late fee will be charged weekly until tuition fees are paid.
    Payments can be submitted in the following ways:
        - Online through Skyward Fee Management/E-Funds. 
            - If you have questions on how to use the online services, please contact Main Office at ext 4823.

        -  A check or money order, made payable to “Wilson Child Care”.  
            - In the memo section, please include your child’s name and bill date period.
            - Your checks can be placed in the check box, which is located at your child’s room/center
               or in the check box located outside the Berkshire Heights Main Office.
    Payments can be mailed or personally delivered to:
    Wilson Child Care
    Berkshire Heights Early Learning Center
    Attn: Main Office
    711 North Wyomissing Boulevard
    Wyomissing, PA  19610
    It is always Wilson Child Care’s aim to support families; however, if accounts are two weeks or more delinquent, the Coordinator has the right to discontinue services and not allow the child to return back to Child Care.  If a payment arrangement needs to be made, please contact the Coordinator at ext. 1163.
    Returned Check Fees: A fee of $35.00 will be charged for any check returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF).  Also, a $15.00 late fee will apply.  When a non-sufficient check has been processed, your next payment for that amount due must be in the form of a money order.  If three separate checks are returned due to NSF, all subsequent tuition payments must be made by money order.
    Financial assistance is available for eligible parents through Child Care Information Services (CCIS).  Information regarding financial eligibility may be obtained by calling the BCIU office at 610-987-2247.
    Parents receiving financial assistance through Child Care Information Services (CCIS) must follow the payment procedure and guidelines.  CCIS will be notified should you be more than one week late in making payment.
    Pay Online Using eFunds:
    Click to visit eFunds site!