• urreThe Learning Center at West Middle School

    We provide individual attention for:

    getting organized
    taking tests
    making up work
    The Learning Center is a resource for all students and teachers.  
    Students can come to Room 201 to get extra help on assignments and homework.  We help students complete make-up work, stay organized, and plan ahead. We love helping students study for quizzes and tests by reinforcing study skills.  
    Students typically visit us during their study hall period. 
    Please contact your Guidance Counselor if you would like to come on a regular basis.
    Learning Center Hours: 7:30-4(Monday through Thursday) and After School Sessions 2:45-4

                                Currently closed on Friday


    Learning Center Staff:
    Jacqueline Gawronski
    Vickie Kahler 

    Contact us at 610-670-0180   X4940