•                     National Junior Honor Society


    Requirements for Admission


    1.      Criteria

    Students must make high honor roll for the first three marking periods of the current academic school year.


    Students must be enrolled in at least five major subjects and two minor subjects.  Pass/Fail grades will not be accepted.


    2.      Community Service

    Students are required to have at least five hours of community service to be eligible for induction into the National Junior Honor Society.  A student may not be paid for this service.  The community service must have been performed within the past two school years.  Examples of community service can be found in the chart on the next page.


    3.      Enrollment

    Only those students who have attended Wilson West Middle School for three quarters will be eligible for Honor Society selection.  Transfer students entering after the start of the school year must earn three quarter grades from Wilson West.  Transfer grades will be not accepted.  Transferring students from another school who are members of another chapter are eligible for membership in Wilson West’s chapter as long as they maintain West’s eligibility requirements.


    Students who “graduate” from Wilson West Middle School are not automatically eligible for membership in the National Honor Society at Wilson Senior High School.  Students must reapply based on the criteria set thereof.




    Students must demonstrate responsibility in clubs and have a positive influence on peers.  They must uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude.  Candidates with these attributes will be considered for NJHS.




    A student with character must demonstrate the following six qualities:  respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  Candidates will be selected on their ability to demonstrate and uphold these standards.  Faculty advisors will assess the observed behavior of students who are candidates and take into consideration the aforementioned attributes of character.




    Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of the importance of civic involvement, have a high regard for freedom, justice, and respect for the American form of government, and demonstrate mature participation and responsibility through involvement in school clubs and community organizations.


                 National Junior Honor Society


    Requirements to Maintain Membership


    1.      Academic Review

    Once a candidate has been inducted, he/she is responsible for maintaining a 93% cumulative GPA.  The chapter advisor will review grades at the end of each quarter.  Members who fall below the required GPA will be given a warning as soon as quarter grades become available.  During this probationary period, members have one quarter to meet the scholarship requirement.  The Faculty Council will review members who fail to meet this requirement by the end of the probationary quarter.


    2.      Community Service / Student Activities

    Once a candidate has been inducted, he/she is required to earn 20 hours of community service throughout the school year.  Examples of community service are found in the chart below.  Students are encouraged to acquire all of the 20 hours within the school and district.  Students will be given log sheets to keep track of their community service hours.  The log sheets will be collected throughout the year. 



    Examples of Eligible Volunteer Public Service Activities



    Helping with food and clothing drives

    Conservational projects

    Working at soup kitchens

    Disabled citizen assistance

    Providing community-wide daycare

    Hospital volunteer

    Animal care/shelter work

    Library work

    Camp volunteer

    Meals on Wheels

    Aid to the elderly


    Park volunteer

    Big Brother/Big Sister



    Examples of Ineligible Volunteer Public Service Activities



    Singing in school or church choir                            Altar boy/girl


    Volunteer work in private law firm                        Volunteer work in private doctor’s office


    Working for an elected official                                Working on a political campaign


    School intramural sports                                          Babysitting


    Chorus                                                                       Band


    Band Front                                                                Confirmation classes


    PIAA recognized sports                                            Club sports

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