Third Grade
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Third Grade Curriculum
We are now using a new math series called EnVision Math Common Core Program.  We will be learning the following concepts.
Topic 1: Numeration
Topic 2:  Number Sense/ Addition and Subtraction
Topic 3:  Using Place Value
Topic 4:  Meanings of Multiplication
Topic 5:  Multiplication Facts/Using Patterns
Topic 6:  Multiplication Facts Usage
Topic 7:  Meanings of Division
Topic 8:  Division Facts
Topic 9:  Fractions
Topic 10:  Fraction Comparison and Equivalence
Topic 11:  Two Dimensional Shapes and Their Attributes
Topic 12:  Time
Topic 13:  Perimeter
Topic 14:  Area
Topic 15:  Liquid Volume and Mass
Topic 16:  Data
Language Arts
We are currently using Treasures as our Reading series.  The publisher is Macmillan/McGraw-Hill.  Each weekly story follows a theme.  The Reading program is very thorough and includes a read-aloud component, a vocabulary text, and a main selection.  The selections vary between fiction and non-fiction passages.  Treasures also includes instruction on writing styles, including personal narrative, friendly letters, and persuasive writing.  Grammar lessons focus on parts of speech, mechanics, and sentence structure.   
Weekly lists are given using words from the Treasures program.  Each list has a particular spelling pattern, as well as review and challenge words. We will also be using a word wall in third grade to help us when writing. 
We are using the Writing Pathways Series written by Lucy Calkins.
First Quarter: Narrative
Second Quarter: Informational
Third Quarter: Opinion/Persuasive
Fourth Quarter: Fairy Tales
 Social Studies
We will have a Social Studies unit in the first and third quarters.
Our text is entitled Our Communities.
Topics studied include:
Geography/Map Skills
History (Colonial America and Jamestown)
We will have a science unit in the second and fourth quarters.  Our first unit is called Chemical Tests.  Our second unit is called Plant Growth and Development.
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