• Wilson High School Clubs
    Thank you for your interest in starting a Wilson High School Club. Starting a new club is a great way for high school students to forge friendships over common interests. Being a school-sanctioned group also has numerous benefits, including the ability to advertise and recruit members and participate in school events. Creating an official high school club, however, requires you to follow many rules and procedures, including having a faculty sponsor, submitting a proposal and demonstrating significant interest from students. Please email Mr. Matt Bender with your new club proposal.
    Administration will review the club application in the next two weeks. You will then receive a communication about setting up a meeting with High School Administration, your advisor, and student representatives from the club.
    Please be advised that students are not permitted to hang or hand out any flyers without prior review from the club advisor and then the Wilson High School Administration. If approved, the High School Administration will post 10 flyers around the school. Students are not permitted to hang/handout any flyers or promotional information without prior permission.
    Additionally, any club that would like to raise funds must be school board approved in order to set up an activity account prior to any activities commence. Failure to adhere will jeopardize club approval.