• General Information: Clearances

    What are clearances? They are FREE, mandatory background checks required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for anyone who may have direct, unsupervised contact with students.


    Activities that REQUIRE clearances/paperwork:

        • Chaperone or attend a class/field trip (i.e. Education Day with the Fightins’)
        • Assist a teacher in the classroom on a regular basis
        • Watch D.O.G.S. program participation
        • Volunteer to run a classroom party
        • Volunteer to help students in the cafeteria

     Activities that DO NOT require clearances/paperwork:

        • Attend a classroom party
        • Eat lunch with your child
        • Participate in PTO events


    What clearances/paperwork must I complete, if required?

      1. Act 34 State Police Criminal History Background Clearance
      2. Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance
      3. Wilson School District Volunteer Acknowledgement 


    How often am I required to submit new clearance requests? Clearances must be updated every 5 years from the date of request.  What is the cost to request these background checks?  

    What is the cost to request my clearances?  As long as you select "volunteer" as the reason for these requests, there is no cost or fee.  They are FREE to you.  
    What can I do if my clearances don't return on time?  You may check with the office staff to see if you are eligible to complete and submit a Wilson School District School Volunteer Disclosure Statement. By completing and submitting this form, you, in short, declare you have submitted all clearance requests and are waiting for results; you have not committed/participated in criminal behavior; and you will submit your clearances within 30 days.  
    Important Note: The district will only allow a volunteer the opportunity to submit the disclosure form one time, regardless of the number of children you have in the district or buildings in which your children attend.




    *** Note:  Be aware it may take up to 6 weeks by mail to receive a copy of the Criminal History or Child Abuse History Clearances.