• Introduction 
    Selecting courses for the upcoming school year is an important decision-making process for students and families. The outcomes determine the academic opportunities and experiences a student will have at Wilson High School and create the foundation of knowledge from which the student can pursue future academic and career goals. It is the goal of the Wilson High School counselors and administrators, in conjunction with students and parents, to develop a schedule for each student that meets his or her educational needs and interests. 
    Please read carefully the scheduling information in this Program of Studies booklet. Students who need individual help are encouraged to make an appointment with their counselor. The counseling office is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm daily. Students or parents requesting appointments should call 610-670-0180, extension 1131. The teachers and administrators at Wilson High School will also offer assistance as needed. 
    The Wilson Curriculum
    Academic subjects - English, social studies, mathematics, and science are offered at various instructional levels to accommodate individual differences with respect to learning, preferences, and educational background. Students should select the individual level within each discipline that affords the greatest opportunity for both intellectual challenge and academic success. It is important to review the course content prerequisites, credits, and instructional levels as indicated in the program of studies in order to make the appropriate course selections. Note: Some of the courses written in this catalog may not be offered every school year; it is dependent upon student request and staffing availability. 
    Students should read carefully the course requirements of the Academy programs while selecting courses. Students are able to switch between Academies at any time. The purpose of the Academy structure is to provide students with access to rigorous, focused curriculum to better prepare students for post-secondary education. Each Academy possesses a capstone course in which students will apply content knowledge in creative ways.
    One of the outstanding features of Wilson High School is its philosophy of access, options, and choice within the vast academic program. We are committed to providing an academic program that meets the needs of the individual student. With the assistance of the faculty and the counseling staff, Wilson High School students select from among the large number of distinct courses to develop a completely individualized program of study designed to address their personal, educational, and career needs and goals. 
    Chris Trickett