HEALTHY SCHOOL MEALS INITIATIVE:  Wilson School District Food Services provides meals to students in Grades K-12 in compliance with the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. School meals meet the regulations as required.  It is our goal to provide the students with the opportunity to have healthy choices at mealtime and experience good nutrition during the student formative years. Research has shown that students who consume proper nutrients learn better and they get better grades.


    Our District participates in the National School Lunch Program and the National School Breakfast Program for Grades K-12.  Both programs are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture, The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and The Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Wilson School District Food Service Program is financially self-supporting.  School tax revenues are not used to support the program.  The program is coordinated by a Registered, Licensed Dietitian under the supervision of the Chief Financial Officer.





    ·      The Elementary (K-5 grade) student breakfast is $1.85 and the Middle (6-8 grade) student breakfast is $2.05. The Senior High (9-12 grade)  student breakfast is $2.25. The breakfast platter consists of the main item, choice of fresh fruit, or fruit juice, choice of milk.   To take advantage of the school breakfast pricing a student must select at least three different items. 

    ·         Elementary Breakfast is served in each building cafeteria from 8:15 am to 8:50am

    ·         Middle School Breakfast is served in each building cafeteria from 7:00am to 7:30am

    •   Senior High Upper and Lower House Breakfast is served in each building cafeteria ad well as from several kiosks in each building from 7:00am to 9:30am.  The kiosks will be available for the purchase of ala carte snacks and beverages..



    ·         An Elementary (K-5 grade) student lunch is $2.70.  A Middle School (6-8 grades) student lunch is $2.90. The Senior High (9-12 grades) student lunch is $3.10. The lunch platter includes: Choice of an entree:  the menu includes several entree choices listed on the menu. Choice of sides:  this includes hot vegetables, fresh fruits & vegetables daily & dessert item.  We encourage students to take all side selections. Choice of milk:  choices include 1% fat white milk or white and flavored skim milk products.  To take advantage of the platter pricing a student must have at least three different items on the meal tray and at least one of those items must be either a fruit or vegetable.  A well rounded meal would include the complete entrée plus two or three sides, and milk. We encourage students to take foods from all food groups.

    ·         Ala Carte Sales:  since the emphasis of the elementary lunch program is to encourage students to eat a well- balanced meal we intentionally limit the number of a la carte items made available. Milk, pure fruit juice, and bottled water are available daily to be purchased by students bringing a packed lunch or as an additional item when students purchase a platter.  A once-a-week ice cream treat is available for elementary students who wish to purchase a reduced fat ice cream novelty. Middle School and High School students can choose from a wide array of ala carte items that meet good nutritional standards.