Action Research


The purpose of the Action Research mode of supervision is to allow the educator to work on the professional growth goal in the areas of research, special teaching projects or other approved areas of interest in an inquiry format.  Educators participating in this mode of supervision will be notified by their principal or supervisor.

An educator participating in the Action Research mode must develop and implement a plan according the following criteria:

1.      The plan must focus on the development of a particular teaching skill in alignment with the identified power components listed below.  Wilson Power Components

  • 1c: Setting instructional outcomes.
  • 1e: Designing coherent instruction.
  • 1f: Designing student assessments.
  • 2b: Establishing a culture for learning.
  • 3b: Using questioning and discussion techniques.
  • 3c: Engaging students in learning.
  • 3d: Using assessment in instruction.
  • 4e: Growing and developing professionally.

2.      Educators participating in this mode will be responsible for:

  • identifying an action research question (approved by the principal or supervisor )
  • implementing an action plan to address the question.
  • monitoring the effects of the plan.
  • presenting to colleagues.
  • reflection on the process in PAETEP.

3.      An end of year evaluation meeting will be held between educator and principal/supervisor to discuss and evaluate the results.

Please Note:  Educators participating in this mode may be observed on an informal basis by principal or supervisor.