• Modes of Supervision


    In the 2016-17 school year, the Wilson School District implemented a revised differentiated supervision approach to educator supervision and evaluation.  The differentiated supervision model continues to offer three modes of supervision.  These will consist of Directed Supervision, Peer Collaboration, and Action Research A professional educator’s mode of supervision will be determined based upon consideration of the following:


    1.      All educators within the first three years of their teaching tenure with the Wilson School District will participate in the directed supervision mode.

    2.      All other educators will participate in the direct supervision mode once every three years based upon a cycle determined by the building principal or supervisor.

    3.      Educators who are not in the Directed Supervision mode will be placed in either Peer Collaboration or Action Research modes as identified by their principal or supervisor

    4.      Any educator who is identified by their principal or supervisor with a rating as needs improvement or unsatisfactory will be in the Directed Supervision mode.


    In the left navigation pane, you will find specific information for each mode of supervision and the requirements necessary to fulfill each mode.