• World Languages Department

    The mission of the World Language Department of the Wilson School District is to foster in our students the understanding and appreciation of world cultures and to help our students learn to communicate effectively in the target language.


    All students of modern languages should be able to:


    • Communicate in the language for a lifetime of personal enjoyment and enrichment.
    • Appreciate the role of culture in a global context.
    • Begin the expansion of speaking ability for further education and / or the workplace.
    • Develop proficiency in the target language through listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing, and presenting in the target language.
    • Develop an understanding of the target culture – its daily life, history, literature, arts, mathematics, and science 
    • Develop insight into languages and cultures through comparing their native culture to the target culture.
    • Use technology as a tool for communicating, developing language skills, and accessing authentic cultural material from around the world.



    Department Chairperson


    Mr. Ramon Marquez
    610-670-0180 ext. 1116 






Last Modified on September 25, 2014