Age Group Swimming & Diving Team
   The Wilson School District offers the opportunity for any Wilson School District resident ages 6-14 (cannot be 15 years or older on or before December 1, 2016) to join and participate on the Wilson Age Group Swimming & Diving Team. A child's age for the league is determined by the child's age as of December 1st. If a child is born on December 2, 2007, the child will swim in the 8&under age group since the child will turn 9 years old after the league cut-off date.     
   The team competes in the Tri-County League which has a rule that states a swimmer or diver may only compete on one team during a season. This means a child cannot compete on any other team after the start, and until the conclusion, of the Tri-County League. This includes participating for YMCA or private club teams. The league has changed its rule for participation in USA meets. An athlete may compete in a USA meet only under the name of the school district's program on weekends the program is not scheduled to compete. It is the discretion of the school's team if they decide to allow an athlete to also compete in USA meets as the school team must register for USA. At the current time, Wilson School District will not be joining as a USA program. If a child decides to participate on another team that child becomes ineligible to participate on the Wilson Age Group Swim Team. A child must participate on a team that is located in the area they reside. For the Wilson Age Group Team, a child does not need to attend a school in the Wilson School District but they must live within the boundaries of the district.     
   There are four age groups available to both genders that compete on the Wilson Age Group Swimming & Diving Team: 8&unders, 10&unders, 12&unders and 14&unders. Each age group also has different lengths they need to swim in meets. The older you are the longer you swim. The lowest amount of yards in a race is 25 yards for the 8&unders while the 14&unders swim 100 yards (or lower if on a relay team). An athlete in a specific age group must be able to complete the minimum distance within that age group without stopping or using a lane line or wall. Please be advised of this requirement if interested in signing a swimmer up for the team.
Diving will be offered and will have the same age groups as swimming with required dives that must be performed in order to participate 
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Last Modified on April 20, 2017