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    Also known as Water Aerobics or AquaFit, an Aqua Aerobics Class is going to drain your energy but still let you feel great after you finish!

    Usually performed in chest/shoulder deep water, every muscle in your body will be utilized through the combination of rhythmic dance and exercise steps. The purpose is to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Because it is performed in water, students deal with additional resistance created through their body movements. It is an exercise for all parts: arms, legs, chest, abdomen, neck and back.



    Your age, gender or swimming abilities do not matter! As long as you are interested in Aqua Aerobics, and you feel comfortable in the water, you can get started by attending any of our Aqua Aerobics classes. Our experienced and qualified instructor will work with you to ensure you a performing each movement correctly and help you figure out the best pace for your abilities.

    Through your own body’s buoyancy, or the additional use of water buoys, your joints will receive the support they need to reduce the amount of strain unlike when you exercise on land. This makes Aqua Aerobics ideal for individuals with arthritis, obesity issues or suffering from neck and back pains. And if you think you won’t get a workout, on average a student will burn 400-500 calories in a one hour class due mainly to the increased resistance underwater.

    So don’t be shy… come out a try an Aqua Aerobics class today!

Last Modified on September 18, 2014