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    Parents will work with their toddler in the pool under the guidance of qualified instructors to build basic water and water safety skills. Toddlers will learn to ask permission before entering the pool and become comfortable in the water so they are ready to learn to swim.Toddlers who are not potty-trained are required to wear swim diapers. 

    LEVEL I PARENT/TOT SKILLS (6-18 Months): Introduce basic skills to parents and toddlers such as: 
    Adult and child familiarizing themselves with the water together
    Entering and Exiting Safely
    Getting Wet (in and out of pool)
    Exploring the Water (in and out of pool)
    Blowing Bubbles (surface and under water)
    Exploring Water Bouyancy (Front and Back Positions)
    Rolling Front to Back to Front and Passing From Instructor to Parent
    Basic Water Safety Skills and Importance of Knowing First Aid and CPR

    LEVEL II PARENT/TOT SKILLS (19-48 Months): Improving on basic skills and learning more advanced skills such as:
    Working more with the instructors to prepare for group lessons
    Opening Eyes Under Water
    Retrieving Objects (above and below surface)
    Bobbing and Gliding Skills
    Alternating and Simultaneous Leg/Arm Actions
    Wearing Life Jackets and Reach Assists    

Last Modified on October 11, 2016