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     Elementary-age students are organized into skill levels according to swimming abilities and the current WSD Lesson Program Progression. Students are taught various aquatic skills that includes a review of Level I to Level IV. These final two levels of the lesson program includes stages to create a more logical progression to the instruction of strokes. Water safety is still a primary focus to ensure students respect and enjoy their aquatic experience.     
    GOAL OF LEVEL-  Level V will provide your child with the necessary skills to participate in age group swim team
    25 yds of freestyle kick with board
    25 yds of backstroke kick with board
    25 yds of kickboard breathing drill
    25 yards of freestyle swim (with rhythmic breathing)
    25 yards of breaststroke kick (back & front)
    breaststroke skill development
    Introduction to starting blocks
    Introduction to egg beater kick- treading component
    Introduction to butterfly kick (front & back)
    GOAL OF LEVEL- Level VI will parallel many of the skills needed to join the developmental 8 & under age group team- working on endurance and stroke development in a smaller setting 
    Freestyle review
    Backstroke review
    Breaststroke development
    25 yds of butterfly kick (front & back)
    Introduction to butterfly
    Introduction to flip turns
    Develop competitive start & breakout
    Work on diving skills -off board
    Egg beater tread 2-5 minutes
    Introduce basic water polo skills  

Last Modified on October 11, 2016