•  Welcome To Second Grade



    Miss Sarah Bergenstock
    Mrs. Lesley Douventzidis 
    Mrs. Jessica Hanley
    Mrs. Emily Lucas


    In second grade, we use enVisionMATH Common Core.  The program helps students develop a conceptual understanding of important math concepts through Problem-Based interactive learning, Visual Learning Bridges, and Visual Learning Animations.
    It also provides ongoing assessment, diagnosis, and intervention.  Formative assessments are interwoven throughout the program at each lesson and topic level. 
    By the end of 2nd quarter students are expected to have mastered basic addition facts with automaticity (not using fingers or counting up).  


    We use Treasures Reading Series.  It is a research based, comprehensive Reading Language Arts program for 2nd grade.  Students will meet with classroom teacher in small groups or 1:1 to read leveled text and hear specific instruction based on their individual needs.
    All Second Grade children are expected to read, with an adult, a minimum of 15 minutes a night. 
    Student's are assessed on their reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension at least three times during the year.  


     The Mission of The Wilson School District Science Department is to provide all students with the college and career-ready skill set essential for life and work in the 21st century. Our students will engage in an inquiry based curriculum that fosters the problem-solving and communication skills needed to actively participate as both citizens of a democratic society and a dynamic global community. 

    Social Studies
    Social Studies

    Using the We Live Together curriculum created by  Macmillan / McGraw-Hill publishers, students will explore Our Community, All About Earth, Our Past, All About Work and Our Government.

    Language Arts
    Language Arts

    Writing is taught using the Lucy Calkins writing program.  Students in 2nd grade will write across 4 genres.  Personal narratives, informative, persuasive and finally poetry.  The children will learn the importance of a strong lead and ending while building their craft and learning to include important details, descriptive language and more.
    Spelling and grammar are taught through the Treasure's reading series and are embedded in the writing instruction as well. 

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