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     What is poetry?
    *plays with the sounds of word and the rhythms of phrases.
    *uses word pictures to build sensory impressions and creates images.
    *usually compresses ideas; poetry uses less "space" than prose does to tell an idea.
    *uses many different forms and shapes to express thoughts and feelings.

    Interactive Poetry Tools and Lesson Plans

    Tools and Their Uses
    Line Break Explorer   This  interactive tool allows students to study the line breaks in a poem. They then manipulate the words in two other poems to change the lines breaks.
    Magnetic Poetry Board
    This  interactive tool allows students to move "magnetic" words to create original poems. They can add to the preselected words by creating their own magnets.
    Student Riddle Interactive
    This student interactive provides instructions on creating riddles. Students follow guidelines and learn strategies for the riddle writing process.
    Letter Poem Creator
    Using the Letter Poem Creator, students engage with the medium of letters and experiment with writing them as poems, with attention to why the lines are broken, where they are broken, and how line breaks affect rhythm, sound, meaning, and appearance

     Poetry Website to explore:




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