• Library Information

    Overdue and Lost Books

    Shiloh Hills Library has an overdue book policy as follows:
    • 5 cents per day for students in grades 2-5
    • fines are waived for weekends, school holidays and student absences
    • students receive weekly notices for overdue books and/or fines
    • at the end of the school year all books and fines mustbe returned in order for the student to participate in school playdaysor track and field days.
    Playaway Digital Books are 50 cents for everyday overdue.
    If you child is absent on the day their books are due,please have them return them the first day they return to school. Havethem ask their teacher when would be a good time to drop them off, ORthey can always drop them off at the end of the school day. They shouldthen tell us they were absent and we will remove the fine.
    As much as our bookswould love to be world travelers, it is usually best if your childreturns his/her books prior to leaving on any family vacations duringthe school year. That way their books are not due while they are not inschool to return them. We do NOT charge for SCHOOL DISTRICT vacationdays, but otherwise the fines apply.
    If your child has losta library book or it has been greatly damaged (animals, coloring,ripped out pages, water or food) you will be charged a replacement fee. The 2012-2013 fee is $25.00 per book. We cannot accept a book purchased to replace the lost or damaged book as we purchase specially boundbooks and they must be processed with computer barcode, etc.
    You may send cash payment or a check made payable to Wilson School District

    If at anytime you have any further questions please feel free to email BarKor@wilsonsd.org or call 610-67-0180 ex.1920
Last Modified on April 16, 2013