notebookReader's Response Journals

Reader's Response Journals are used as a tool for students to write down thoughts  before, after, or during reading.  The students write thoughts to me, Mrs. Kriebel, in their journals and I respond back!  It is a great communication tool and gives me great insight into what the students are thinking while reading.
Students are required to read each week.  
Students may also submit their weekly reading journals on Google Docs.  To access Google Docs go through the Wilson Homepage to the resources section, and click on Google Apps. 
Here are some topics to use in your entries:
A brief summary of the chapters you've read since your last response.
The reading strategies you used while reading.  Remember to cite specific evidence from the text to support your answers. 
Reading strategies to use:
  • Making Inferences
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Determining Important Ideas
  • Synthesizing
  • Monitoring for Meaning
  • Predicting
  • Questioning

Last Modified on September 1, 2016