• Wilson School District Guidelines for Discharging Young Students (Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students):


    Students with bus stops located along rural routes, door-to-door routes, or routes that are located within walking areas deemed hazardous by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.


    ·    Younger students riding home from school on Wilson School District buses will only be discharged from their buses if a parent or other authorized caregiver is present to meet the child. We recommend that parents and caregivers are out of their homes and/or vehicles and visible to their children and their bus driver.

    ·    If no one is present to meet the child, the transportation department will attempt to contact the parent/guardian. If necessary, the driver will return the child to their assigned school building.

    Students with bus stops located at school buildings or in residential developments at stops with a large number of students:


    ·    Younger students will be discharged from the bus without a parent or caregiver being present.

    o    Under these conditions, it is not possible for a driver to ensure that each child is greeted at their stop due to the number of students departing from the vehicle and dispersing in all directions.

    o    While the safety of our students is our priority, we need our parents/guardians to be active participants in ensuring the safety of their children.

    §    Implement a bus stop buddy system, discuss with your child that they should walk home with an older sibling and/or other older neighborhood children whenever possible.

    §    Create an emergency plan:

    ·    Discuss whom you should call if you cannot meet your child?

    o   Call your school building’s office

    o   Call the transportation office

    o   Call a friend or relative for assistance

    ·    Discuss with your child what they should do if no one is there to meet them:

    o    Should your child get off the bus if they do not see their parent/guardian?

    o    If your child does get off the bus and their parent/guardian is not present where should they go?

    §    To their house

    §    A friend’s house

    §    A trusted neighbor’s house

    ·    Maintain and communicate your contingency plans to your family and friends to be as prepared as possible for all emergencies that may arise.