Wilson School District Transportation Eligibility Requirements
Students residing within the Wilson School District that meet the following conditions may be eligible for transportation services to and from the students primary home address-- 
  • Primary Residency must be established through the Pupil Services Office - Central Registration
    • Please click here for detailed information about the registration process
  • Eligible students will receive transportation services assigned by the student's primary home address, please note--
    • No exceptions to this policy will be permitted for child care purposes
  • Walking Distances
    • Walking distances have been set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and begin where the driveway for a residence meets the public roadway
    • Students may still be required to walk up to 1.5 miles to an elementary or secondary school bus stop.
    • Walking routes may or may not have sidewalks present along portions of along their route.
  • Elementary Students (Grades K – 5): 
    • who live more than 1.5 miles from their attending school.
    • who live in a walking area (1.5 mi. or less) that has been declared hazardous by Penn DOT.
  • Secondary Students (Grades 6 – 12):  
    • who live more than 2.0 miles from their attending school.
    • lives in a walking area (2.0 mi. or less) that has been declared hazardous by Penn DOT
  • Non-Public School Students
    • Who attend a non-public school that is located ten (10) miles or less by paved public roadway from the Wilson School District border.
    • Parents/Guardians must complete a Request for Transportation Form (Act 372). This form must be obtained from your attending school office, once completed, please return it to your attending school's office for address verification.
    • This form must be submitted by August 1st of each school year
    • Transportation services are only provided to and from a students primary address of residence.
      • No exceptions to this policy will be permitted for any reason, including--Child Custody or Child Care purposes 
    • The Wilson School District is also required to adhere to the calender's, start times, finish times and scheduled early dismissal dates when transporting students to Non-Public Schools.
  • Route Planning Guidelines:
    • The transportation office must be notified by July 1st, of any address changes for the upcoming school year.
    • Non-Public School students requiring transportation should submit their Request for Transportation Form (Act 372) by July 1st each school year.
    • School bus routes are configured based on student residences as of the first week of July each year. Bus stop locations are subject to change at any time.
    • Mailing of bus assignment post cards shall occur approximately two weeks prior to the start of school.