• Wilson to Use Dogs to Combat Drug Use
    Drug-detecting dogs will help the district maintain a drug-free environment in our secondary buildings.

    goldenWilson School District is partnering with Interquest Canine Detection to provide drug-detecting dog services in our secondary school buildings.  The dog and its handler will conduct building searches, unannounced to the students and staff.  The dogs will NOT be used to physically search people.

    The dogs are trained to sniff lockers, classrooms, parking lots and any other locations within a school. Legal parameters preclude the use of dogs to sniff people.

    The dogs come in with a handler on a random, unannounced basis to check designated areas. When the dog smells contraband, he simply sits nextblack to the article containing the odor of the contraband item.

    If the dog detects a contraband odor, the responsible party is escorted to the scene. They are briefed on the dog's capabilities and given an opportunity to offer an explanation as to the nature of the dog's interest. The location is then inspected by the handler and contraband items discovered are sealed in an evidence bag and turned over to school officials. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the school. 

    Click here to view the district's official policy on Searches.