• Home Schooling - Act 169 Procedures

    1.  Parents or guardian (supervisor)*

    a. Must file affidavit with the superintendent of the child’s district of residence.  The affidavit
        must contain:
        i.  The name of the supervisor, the name and age of each child in the program, and the
            address and phone number of the program site.
        ii.  An outline of proposed educational objectives, by subject area, for subjects required by 
            law.  These must be taught in English.
        iii. Evidence of the child’s immunization and evidence that the child has received health 
        iv. Assurance that the education program meets the requirements of Act 169.
        v.  Certification that the supervisor and all adults living in the home and other custodial 
            adults have not been convicted of criminal offenses listed in the law within the last five 
      b. Must maintain portfolios of the student’s work, and students in grades 3, 5, and 8 must take 
          standardized achievement tests in at least reading and mathematics.
      c. Must have the student’s educational program evaluated annually by a licensed clinical or 
          school psychologist, Pennsylvania-certified teacher or non-public teacher or administrator 
          with two year’s experience, who shall certify whether or not appropriate education is occurring. 
          The evaluation is based on a review of the student’s portfolio and an interview with the child.
      d. May request the school district or intermediate unit of residence to provide services that 
          address the specific needs of the exceptional student.  These services must be agreeable to 
          both the supervisor and the school district or intermediate unit, and must take place in the 
          public schools or a private school licensed to provide such programs and services.
    *The term “supervisor” means a parent or guardian, natural or custodial, who is responsible for the education of the child.  This person must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

    2.  School District

    a. Must, upon parental request, provide copies of planned courses, textbooks, and 
        curriculum materials for use in home education programs.
    b. May ask the supervisor to provide the portfolio and evaluation within 30 days, if the 
        school superintendent believes an appropriate education is not taking place at any time 
        during the year.
    c. When the superintendent believes appropriate education is not taking place, the school 
        board must appoint a hearing officer to review that superintendent’s decision.  The 
        hearing officer may be a qualified and impartial person who is not an employee of the 
       A child determined to be a special needs child, will need additional documentation to be eligible to be home schooled.  Contact the Pupil Services office for the requirements.