• Welcome to the Wilson School District Business Office website

    The Wilson School District is located in south central Berks County, adjacent to the City of Reading, the County Seat, thirty miles northeast of the City of Lancaster, fifty miles northwest of the City of Philadelphia and twenty-five miles east of the City of Lebanon.  Covering 38.6 square miles, the School District serves the residents of the Townships of Lower Heidelberg and Spring, the Borough of  Sinking Spring and a portion of the Borough of Wyomissing, north of U. S. Route 422.  The School District is part of  the Reading Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).  The population, according to the 2010 Federal Census, is 48,738.
    For 2017-18, local revenues are primarily based on a 25.29 mill real estate levy, a $10 per capita tax, a $5 Local Services Tax, a .5% earned income tax, a .5% real estate transfer tax, a business privilege/mercantile tax based on a 1.5 mill levy on all retail, services and rental transactions, and a 1.0 mill levy on all wholesale transactions.
    The District operates its own transportation fleet and collects its real estate and per capita taxes through Fulton Bank.  The student population numbers are in excess of 6,000 and are supported by a budget of  $103.7 million for the 2017-18 school year.
    Wilson’s Business Office oversees the public services listed below.  Each can be accessed by clicking on the following links, or you may call (610)670-0180 followed by the extensions as listed:

    Business Office Staff
    Christine Schlosman (ext. 1151)
    Chief Financial Officer
    Annette Smith (ext. 1155)
    Accounts & Payroll Specialist 

    Lori Castor (ext. 1145)
    Stefanie Sherman (ext. 1118)
    Payroll Specialist
    Jessica Schnettler (ext. 1146)
    Accounts Payable Specialist/Purchasing Asst 
    Kelly Price (ext. 1117) 
    Tax Specialist 
    Beverly Szymborski (ext. 1151)
    Assistant Tax Specialist  
    Public Services
    Business Privilege Tax    (Ext. 1117 or 1151)
    Real Estate Tax                (Ext. 1117 or 1151) 
    Per Capita Tax                 (Ext. 1151 or 1117)
    Census                              (Ext. 1151)