There are two ways a student can be referred for special education services:
    • parent initiated referral
    • school initiated referral
    A parent should always be in close communication with the school before requesting a referral.  Wilson School District offers many successful regular education intervention which should be accessed prior to a student being referred for special education.
    • Instructional Support Team (IST)
    • Reading Recovery
    • Title I Reading
    • Soar to Success
    • Math Resource
    • Student Assistance Program (SAP) 
    • Homework Club
    • Student Mentors
    If a student has received services from one or more of these interventions, the school may begin the process of referring a student for a psychoeducational evaluation.  This is a process that involves different types of assessments administered primarily by the school psychologist. 

    Timeline:  The school district has:

    • 60 calendar days to complete the evaluation and issue the report to the parent from the time the  special education department has received the signed Permission to Evaluate.  The Permission to Evaluate is sent to the parent by the Special Education Department.
    • 30 calendar days to write the Individual Education Program
    • 10 school days to implement the program
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