2017 - 2018 REPLACEMENT HOURS 

    As has been the practice for the past several years, we have scheduled two student early dismissal days in the academic calendar on the day preceding a holiday vacation (Thanksgiving and Winter Break). Our practice has been to require professional staff to fulfill six (6) hours of approved replacement time during the summer months. Successful completion of these hours provides staff the opportunity to have the two aforementioned days as an early dismissal.

    Staff will be provided the six (6) hours of replacement time to use at their own professional discretion for professional growth opportunities, curriculum writing, classroom preparation, etc. All hours must be recorded between June 12, 2017 and August 22, 2017 to receive release time during the half-days preceding Thanksgiving and Winter breaks.  

    Replacement hours must be recorded in MLP with the Replacement Hours form.


    A few points for clarification for the 2017-18 school year: 

    • Replacement hours data will only be pulled from MLP. During our transition to MLP last year, exceptions were made to the submission process, but hours will not be pulled from these systems moving forward.

    • Replacement hours must be entered in 3 or 6 hour segments. If your work was done in single hours, simply select 3 or 6 from the pull down menu and add the dates and times of your work to the notes section.

    • If you are registering for a professional development session using MLP,  you must also complete the replacement hours form in order to receive replacement hour credit.

    • Time can not be double-dipped.  If you are getting paid for an activity (ex. curriculum writing), this can not count for replacement hours.  If you are working on a project for which you are not being paid, you need to complete the Replacement Hours form in MLP in order to receive credit.

    • Replacement hour timelines for new hires will be determined by the employment date.

    Please contact your principal/supervisor, WEA building representative, or the Assistant Superintendent with any questions.