• Open Campus Privilege 
    Beginning with the class of 2016-2017, senior students will have the opportunity to leave campus with approval from their parent/guardian and administration following submission of the required application. The criteria necessary to apply for open campus is below. Senior students that meet all of the criteria below will be able to leave school during a study hall.

    • Permission Form signed by parent/guardian and student.
    • 3.50 weighted GPA and above at the end of the student's Junior year.
    • Extracurricular and/or Co-curricular participation requirement or Principal approved activity
    • Zero incidences of discipline during Junior and Senior year
    • Student must have zero unexcused absences during Junior and Senior year
    • Must have 19 credits completed entering Senior year
    • Score of Proficient or Advanced on the Keystone Algebra I, Literature, and Biology assessments
    • Student must be scheduled for 5 credits during senior year
    • Student must sign in and out daily at the greeters desk
    • Schedules will not be adjusted to move study halls to certain periods in the school day.
    Students must complete the Open Campus Application in June of their Junior year to the High School Office. The application will be available on May 1. The due date for all applications is June 3. A review of the applications will take place in mid-July after GPAs are calculated. Students will be informed of their acceptance via the Skyward schedule feature which is available in mid-August.
    This is a privilege that can be revoked at anytime at the High School Administration's discretion. Strict adherence to school district policies and procedures is expected as well as high academic achievement in order to enjoy the Open Campus privilege.