Volunteer Clearances and Acknowledgement Forms

Child Abuse


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Criminal Record


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Volunteer Acknowledgement Form and School Volunteer Disclosure Statement - 
As per board policy and in accordance with the guidelines of Pennsylvania Act 126 --
ALL SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS must complete a Volunteer Acknowledgement Form and a School Volunteer Disclosure Statement.
1. Please click here to visit the webpage for School Board Policies/900 - Community.
2. Select 916 - School Volunteers - Attachment 1 to download the Volunteer Acknowledgement Form.
3. Select 916 - School Volunteers - Attachment 2 to download the School Volunteer Disclosure Statement.
4. Complete both forms and return them to the GV School Office in one of the following ways:
      a.  Email the completed, signed forms as attachments to Mrs. Musseman - musmic@wilsonsd.org
      b. Send the forms in a sealed envelope addressed to "Mrs. Musseman - GV Office" either through the mail or with your child.  
Last Modified on December 3, 2015