• KEYSTONE EXAMS are state-developed end-of-course assessments in designated content areas. Based upon Chapter 4 regulations, each KEYSTONE EXAM will be designed in modules that reflect distinct, related academic content common to the traditional progression of coursework. The KEYSTONE EXAMS serve two purposes:

    1.    High school graduation requirements for students beginning with the class of 2019;

    2.    High school accountability assessments for federal and state purposes.

    All public and charter high schools in the State of Pennsylvania are held accountable for the participation and performance of all students in Algebra I, Biology and Literature Exams to satisfy the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

    The Algebra I and Literature KEYSTONE EXAMS include items aligned to the Assessment Anchors/Eligible Content aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts. The Biology KEYSTONE EXAM includes items aligned to the Assessment Anchor/Eligible Content aligned to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science. All KEYSTONE EXAMS will include multiple-choice, constructed response, or open-ended questions.

    A student who has not demonstrated proficiency on a KEYSTONE EXAM after one attempt shall be scheduled supplemental instruction (Algebra Standards and Literature Standards courses) until the student can demonstrate proficiency in the subject area via the KEYSTONE EXAM. 

    More information on the KEYSTONE EXAMS can be found in the PA Department of Education’s Standard Aligned System (SAS) at: http://www.pdesas.org/module/assessment/keystone.aspx

    and for PROJECT-BASED ASSESSMENT at: http://www.pdesas.org/module/assessment/About.aspx